Friday, June 10, 2011

An old Enfield

You see Royal Enfields around in all sorts of condition. This one has seen better days, but still on the road!
Go to YouTube at to see the video in 720p.   I also have a number of images of Enfields in India at
Old or new, nothing like a thumper!

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Market in Margao

This entry is made up of odd pics (which of mine aren't?), from the spring of 2011, of the inside of the Margao Municipal Market.
I'll fill this entry with still pictures, but to start off with here is a very short bit of walking in the aisles in the market. This was done with a Nikon 7000 (shooting in HD at 24fps) with a Tokina 11-16mm lens. The video below I downscaled to 720p.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Visiting Margao

Margao is the regional capital of southern Goa.  It's not too big, as Indian cities go, not too polluted, and I find it easier to take than many.  It has all the stuff you need access to - except for an IMAX.  It's where I typically end up with any medical 'stuff' to handle, is a Goa central transportation hub for the rest of India, has a great public market, a great bakery/chicken store - Royal Foods - and the fabulous South Indian veg restaurant 'Kamat Hotel'. There are also lots of old portuguese-style buildings in and around the city, unfortunately more often than not in poor shape.  These are odd pics from a couple of trips to Margao.
It's pretty easy to get from Agonda to Margao - only about an hour and a half to get there by any type of motor vehicle.
I'll do another blog entry with pics from inside the Margo Municipal Market.

As usual, click on pics to embiggen.

Russian circuses seem to do a great business in India.

Ice Cream and Goan (Portuguese) breads.
A little afternoon siesta outside the central municipal park.

Such hard work.

Amazing!  A female bus conductor!  Pretty rare.

 Same foreign babes hanging around.
Not-so-foreign park worker babes...
Nothing like hanging around on a bunch of bananas.

 ...or putting up an injured foot (all too familiar to me).

Shoe repair on the street around the City Hall.

Unloading flour.

Just looking.......

...and of course, there's Royal Foods!
...inside of which is....

The entrance down into the Kamat.  See the previous 'actors' blog for pics of the inside.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


No pictures from this.
Last night, about 10:30, as I was sitting working on my netbook in my open-air living room, Harvey, my neighbor from downstairs, comes up my stairs and says, 'Dave, I've been out swimming and you should really come out and look at this.'  I grabbed the waterproof GoPro and headed out to the beach.  It turns out that the ocean is filled with life on light.  Walking out and around in the water I left a solid wash of soft luminescence, bright enough to see my legs in, with a 'sky full of stars' glowing points mixed in and around.  As I moved my hands around in the water they glowed and the trailing bubbles were illuminated by lights brighter than any fireflies I've ever seen.  Harvey dove through the water and became a moving glowing mass underwater.  It was all like something I've never seen and was the most fortunate end-gift from Goa.  The quarter moon had set, so it was just an amazing experience in the blackness of the ocean.  The lights were brilliant to the eye, but unfortunately the GoPro didn't have enough light-gathering power to pick any of it up.


Monday, April 4, 2011


Every store in Goa, from tiny to large, sells cashews.  Almost anywhere you go, there are cashew trees.  Sometimes you just have to stop and look at the cashews. Right?
Just so you know.....yes, the yellow and red fruit is edible (though I haven't eaten any).
Here's a link to a Wikipedia article:
Wikipedia cashew article:

Click on image to embiggen.
Thanks to Harvey the Australian Hand Mannequin!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fishing with a net in Agonda at the mouth of the river

Shot with a GoPro Hero, this is some video of a fisherman at sunset throwing hit net into the surf at the mouth of a river at the north end of Agonda Beach.

The link to the YouTube full sized video is:

To just view it from here:

Monday, March 21, 2011

Pics of some of the 'actors' in this Agonda Secret Garden play...

Of course, click on the pics to `embiggen`.

Sudip of the Monsoon & me (GoPro pic) at the Monsoon counter (at the start of the season, known as 'the family area):

Sudip taking a swim.

 Neil, yoga on the beach, teacher extraordinaire.

Walter & Beate.

Pratima hanging out at her hut balcony at Secret Garden.

Dirk, of Monsoon fame.

The group from Secret Garden at the beach at full moon.

Full Moon strangeness....

Walter and ....... relation?

Andrew on his balcony.

Yogini Tina.

Tom - serious about his fish curry. happy he's levitating!

The two German Anne's.

Coshiva and her back-up singers...


Big tree, Harvey, Pratima, Annette,Walter (left to right):


Pratima, Walter, Annette, and Harvey

Lunch Thali


left to right: Pratima, Walter, Santiago, Annette, & Harvey, at one more fabulous dinner by Annette.

Pratima & Coshiva at the Kamat Hotel veg south Indian restaurant near the central park in Margao.

Wada & Iddli with sambar & coconut chutney at the Kamat.
To finish off, Gulab Jamun and chai.

In Gokharna, Baba and Claudia.

Some foreign babes hanging around in Margao.

Hot enough to chew on plastic.
An unknown dog taking possesion of a chair.

Indie, our compound rescued dog, at the beach.

'Lanky', one of Indie's friends at Secret Garden.

...and 'Larry', his brother.

...more to come.....